Michael & Kendra Adams are the senior Pastors at Strong Tower in Hitchcock, Tx

They opened their own recovery/discipleship program, Strong Tower, in 2009 but have been faithfully serving the church since the early 90’s.

Their heart has always been for the one – the broken, the desperate, the hurting, the addicted, the oppressed – & there is no doubt that they have been chosen by God to take care of these ones.

From opening up their home to 2-5 people, to now helping a community of 180, with a facility that has space for many more: they have been relentless in their pursuit to see people saved and discipled.

Their two daughters are involved in ministry, following in the steps of their parents.

Michael & Kendra’s desire is that many more men, women, and children would come and have a safe place to live in and a family with which they serve the Lord

Strong Tower