Reformer(n) – A reformer is a believer who is intentional and devoted to pay any price to live life in partnership with God, whose manifest presence transforms lives and culture. His presence in and through them will lead to a reformation of their sphere of influence through the purity, and power of the Holy Spirit


  • STSM is a part-time vocational school (non-residential) for Christians aged 18 – 65.

  • Classes are weekly on a Monday from 6-9pm plus online training 4-6 hrs/week at home.

  • Topics are learned in 6 groups of classes.

  • Each group of classes is 5 weeks long with a 3 week break in between.

  • There is one annual short term national or international mission trip (7-10 days)

  • Including the classes, 3 week breaks, and mission trip the entire program lasts 48 weeks.