The Lord has saved & transformed so many lives here at Strong Tower.
Here are some testimonies of men & women who have experienced Jesus’
power & restoration.

Melissa struggled from a dysfunctional & toxic life. She found true freedom and complete restoration at Strong Tower. She now dedicates her life to bringing the truth of the gospel to all those in need.

“Before I found the Lord here at Strong Tower, I was lost and hopeless. I started using drugs at a young age. In and out of the court system since I was 14, I thought I’d die drug addicted, homeless, or in prison. But Jesus saved me. Praise the Lord I am now happily married & on fire for God!”

“I came to Strong Tower straight from college.
I was 20 years old and was dealing with an
eating disorder. God set me free! I have been
serving at ST for 7 years now & God continues
to grow me and show me who I am in Him.”

“Lost to the grips of an addiction to heroine and cocaine, Jesus found me & saved me. God brought me to Strong Tower… my life is full of blessings and I get to help other women overcome the same hardships I was faced with.
I now have a peace in my life I’ve never known.”

“I was hopeless, bound in an 18 yr drug addiction. My children witnessed my vicious cycle. Desperate for change, I came to Strong Tower! Since I’ve been here, I’ve completely surrendered to the Lord! He’s healed my mind, restored me to my kids, and provided us with a life I never dreamed was possible!”

Jeffrey struggled with addiction for 20+ years.
He tried & tried to overcome on his own but it wasn’t until he came to Strong Tower that he found complete freedom! He now has a beautiful wife & was restored to his son. He also helps build, remodel, & upkeep our facilities at ST.

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